Review of our Walled Garden Performance from The Music Basement
August 7, 2015

Walled Gardens Music Fest

My father and I attended ‘The Walled Garden Music Festival‘ early on Sunday afternoon. The weather couldn’t have been better and with the sun beating down on our shoulders, with not a single cloud in the sky, we were introduced to an ensemble of artists who played a variety of music. Now, considering this was the first time any festival had taken place at this particular venue, it MUST be noted that they did a spectacular job, of not only providing such exquisite gourmet food, but obtaining a high level of security, suburb sound engineering, extremely attentive staff and exceptionally clean portaloos – of which, I have ever seen! We did however, find it challenging to locate where the venue was, as there weren’t any signs in the surrounding roads to help direct you.

Anyway, onwards with the show! ‘Absolute Bowie‘ was introduced to us as the first ‘Tribute Act’ of the afternoon. The David Bowie look-a-like strutted his stuff onto the stage, expressing the familiar theatrical movements (we all know only too well) and dressed in alternative costumes. Members of the audience gathered around the front of the stage and sang along to the glorious past time tunes, while the rest of us basked in the heat.


Nick Van Eede’s project called ‘Three Wise Men & A Virgin‘ feature Nick Van Eede and Gareth Moulton of Grammy nominated ‘Cutting Crew‘ and consists of a stellar cast of accompanying musicians. Described by Nick as ‘an unplugged vehicle to get back to the roots of the songs’, they covered a variety of hits and obscurities, (from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Peter Gabriel to name a few!) and delighted us with various tunes from the upcoming brand new album from Cutting Crew, called “Add To Favorites”. We were honored to sit back and observe the collaboration of phenomenal artists perform one heck of a show. During one of their songs, Nick welcomed the sensational Shary Osman onto the stage to perform a stunning duet on the Cutting Crew classic “Been In Love Before”. Throughout the set, we were lucky enough to see each member of the band perform a solo act and put their incredible skills to the test…

This was quite frankly, the BEST performance of the night and I cannot wait to see them again!

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‘Lifesigns‘ are a British progressive rock band formed of: John Young (keys & vocals), Jon Poole (bass & vocals), Martin Beedle (drums & percussion) and Niko Tsonev (guitars & vocals). I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of these guys before (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one) and I do feel they should have kick started the show, rather than appear before the final band was due to perform. It was a shame to see the crowd a little quieter than anticipated, as they played well and had a wonderfully talented lead guitarist.

Finally, ‘Off The Wall‘ proceeded to play their ‘Pink Floyd‘ numbers as the sun began to set. Now, my dad and I are quite the Floyd fans, so this tribute band really had to give it some to impress us. I’ve got to hand it to them, they managed to bring the “feel of Floyd” to the stage, unfortunately we had to leave after a few songs and as a result, didn’t get to see the whole performance.

Overall, I would say it was a fun, family orientated experience with a great deal more to offer in the future…

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