Interview with EG ONLINE
March 10, 2015

Interview with EG ONLINE. 1/1/15

Favourite meal?
We lived on the rural, poor, East coast of Barbados for four blissful years in the 90’s. 7 miles from Oistins Fish market. So it has to be fresh-catch Mahi-Mahi steak fish served with plantain, okra, cauliflower cheese and “nuff” hot sauce!!!!

How good a cook are you?
Next question?? I cook mostly for me.. thankfully for the general public. Can do excellent slow-cook casseroles. Am accused by my wife of adding too many ingredients from fridge…..I am an artiste!!!! Hahaha


Favourite film and book – and why?
Film: Midnight Express. Was In London alone for another futile meeting trying to get a record deal. I had 4 hours to kill one afternoon and watched this. It shook me to the core. I walked into my meeting, ashen.
Book: 1000 years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Mind-blowing epic on the pursuit of alchemy and the list of character names is brilliantly, confusingly similar. It was the first time I eventually understood that some books are to read and go with the flow; and not have to understand everything.
All about the sum of the parts. Like writing a song.

What did you have ambitions to do as a child growing up? From 10 years old having seen a flamenco guitarist on holiday with mum and dad in Benidorm…to play guitar. Never thought it would work out quite like this. Still play with thumb on 6 string a la Spanish classical style. Imberhorne school was seminal in my gathering of confidence with my writing and singing. The teachers were a young crew…Celia Muggridge/ Pete Talman/Kate Cowie/Pete Caruana amongst many….. All the coolest most encouraging beautiful folk!!!

What is the oldest item you have in your wardrobe which is still in regular use and why do you like it?
I have a tiger-eye crystal that goes with me everywhere. It’s a foolish talisman and I have lost it many times but it always turns up. How simple we are?


What do you like most about your job? Frantic/senseless/rewarding beyond wildest
dreams/desolate/confusing/endless hours of alternating acclaim and self-doubt. Wouldn’t change a feckin’ thing.

One thing not many people know about you?
My knees are hobbled from Imberhorne rugby matches. I was the one of the biggest (widest) at 11 and the smallest at 14 and got broken bad. So I swim swim swim. I have a water iPod and I can do 50 laps of a big pool effortlessly listening to Puccini (breaststroke) and The Faces (mad crawl) The music sends me to another plane of thought…like when you’re driving and realise you didn’t remember the last 4 miles. I get my best ideas for life and songs. I now need a water i-sketch-pad to remember them all!!!

Who would play you in a film?
I’ve often thought that I’m not much good at fixing a car or repairing a roof or stitching a torn seam. So in the movies of old I would be the nutty wide-eyed piper or drummer walking into battle right at the front…. to pump up the real fighters. I know my place in this movie and would probably be cut down in a minute, but boy I played well!!

Which question should we have asked, but didn’t?…..
What have you learned in 56 years that sums it up so far?? Everything always changes. Nothing stays the same. Abject unhappiness or the glorious times. Rely, depend and have faith in this and ride that wild horse. I have lost every man I ever truly loved; my dad, my younger brother and my fellow-conspirator from Cutting Crew, Kevin…. but am still surrounded by the most enduring beautiful women. My mum, my wife and my daughter.

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