Add to Favourites Album Review
September 30, 2015


Finally, Cutting Crew’s eagerly awaited fifth album has arrived. Add to Favourites is the latest release in the Band’s incredible thirty-year odyssey. After listening to Add to Favourites you might be forgiven for asking if Cutting Crew can get any better than this. I first heard Nick Van Eede, lead singer of Cutting Crew, sing in the 1970’s and since then he has given us some celebrated tracks but the latest album eclipses these earlier successes and undoubtedly contains his best material to date. This is the real deal.

A few months ago Nick gave me the privilege of listening to an early version of the new album, Add to Favourites, and when I first heard it I have to say I was stunned. It was totally different from anything that I had heard from him before. It took some time but then there was the Eureka moment, this was the real Nick; this was not just an album, not just a collection of songs… it was a window into his soul. The new album is an eclectic mix of genre and you can palpably feel the memories that each song evokes. Listen to the new album, and I mean listen to it, and you will get some insight into the man behind the artist. The album has made me smile it has made me laugh and it has made me cry.

Would I buy Nick Van Eede’s new album, yes of course, actually I have pre-ordered several copies for some of the people I love most of all. Why? Well listen to it yourself and you will know the answer.

‘Add To Favourites’ will be out on 02/10/15. Pre order your copy here:

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